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by Abigail Van Buren

Visits to Inmate Lead to Talk of Marriage

DEAR ABBY: I'm talking with a guy who's in prison. He has eight months before he gets out. Do you think it's wrong for me to keep talking with him? Is it wrong to date someone in prison? I go visit him. He wants to marry me when he gets out. He talks about how God has changed his life since he's been in prison. -- WONDERING IN THE EAST

DEAR WONDERING: While it is possible to write to, talk to and visit someone who is in prison, it is not possible to "date" someone who is locked behind bars. While it is not wrong to talk to him, please understand that when he is released, his circumstances will be different.

Rather than talking about marriage at this point, he should be thinking about how he will find a job and reintegrate himself into the real world. You should not jump into a lifetime commitment with him until he has done that. God may have changed his life while he has been in prison, but that doesn't mean the task is done. He will have to continue to work on changing his life himself.

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