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by Abigail Van Buren

Baby Shower Would Benefit Soon-to-Be Single Dad

DEAR ABBY: My 23-year-old son, "John," got his girlfriend, "Jane," pregnant. Everyone seemed to be happy -- I know I was -- even though they were not going to get married.

Well, they had a big fight and Jane moved out. They say their relationship is over and irreparable. I want to have a baby shower for my son because he is going to need stuff at his house, too. Jane does not want to attend. Can I have a baby shower for my son? -- GRANDMA IN WAITING

DEAR GRANDMA: Under the circumstances, a shower for your son would be appropriate for the reason you stated in your letter. Jane's absence should not prevent there from being one. However, I hope with time the drama will subside, and Jane will realize children need both parents present in their lives and will be able to successfully co-parent with your son.

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