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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Is Reticent to Open up in Budding Office Romance

DEAR ABBY: A co-worker reached out to me and we started talking. He asked me on a date, and we've been official for about a month now. He's beyond amazing, but there's a problem. He can't express his feelings to me, or to anyone for that matter. He's very insecure because he used to be overweight.

He hasn't been in a relationship in forever. I know he's serious about us. I'm slowly falling for him, and I want it to work out. Is there anything I can do to help him get comfortable with opening up to me? -- FALLING FOR HIM

DEAR FALLING: Yes. Start by remembering the two of you have been "official" for only one month, and relationships -- like trust -- have to evolve. Do not push him to make a commitment or declare his undying love. If you are patient, as your relationship develops, he may become more open about expressing his feelings to you. Give him time, and because workplace romances are sometimes frowned upon, give him space.

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