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Wife Protests Unwelcome Visit From Husband's Sisters

DEAR ABBY: My husband's horrible sisters have invited themselves to our home in Florida. They hate me. One's husband sexually assaulted me five years ago. When I had her come and get him (he was drunk), she accused me of making it up! (Abby, she saw it happen.)

The other sister has never invited us over for dinners or special events. She's extremely obese and will break our furniture if she sits on it.

We are in our 70s, live modestly and can't afford this selfish intrusion. My husband says, "But they're my sisters!" Please help me get out of this. -- LOOKING FOR PEACE

DEAR LOOKING: I'll try. You and your husband are not joined at the hip. No law says you must be there. Yes, they are his sisters, so he can visit them in their homes, without you. 'Nuff said?

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