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by Abigail Van Buren

Adult Daughter Living at Home Interrupts Mom's Private Life

DEAR ABBY: I'm 54. My 28-year-old daughter, Sarah, lives with me. Our issue is my sex life.

I have a long-term live-in boyfriend, and we enjoy each other in many ways. We try to be quiet while we're enjoying each other physically, but evidently we are not quiet enough. Sarah complains whenever we make any kind of noise that she even suspects might be sexual in nature. She has accused me of having sex when we were only talking.

It might seem reasonable to have sex only when Sarah isn't home, but she's home very often at night. Due to menopause, I have limited windows of time without pain that I even want sex. She's living with me to try to bank enough money to buy her own house, and I support that. Am I wrong to continue to enjoy relations with my boyfriend when my daughter is home? -- FRUSTRATED MOM IN COLORADO

DEAR MOM: No, you are not wrong. You and your daughter are both adults. She's a guest in your home. While most "children" are uncomfortable when confronted with the reality that their parents have sex lives, she should not be commenting on or regulating yours. If she can't adapt to that reality, she should live elsewhere. It may take her longer to afford her own house, but you will all be more comfortable.

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