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by Abigail Van Buren

Friends Take Advantage of Big-Box Store Member's Kindness

DEAR ABBY: I'm wondering how to deal with friends who want to take advantage of my big-box store memberships. I don't mind helping out sometimes, but it seems like they are avoiding the cost of membership while reaping the benefits at my time and expense. They either ask if I mind picking up a particular item for them, or if I will take them so they can shop for themselves. That means spending half a day while they scrutinize every aisle and every item. Some of these friends are well off financially, so it isn't that they can't afford the membership. Am I wrong to feel imposed upon? -- INDIANA SHOPPER

DEAR SHOPPER: You are only as imposed upon as you allow yourself to be. If it isn't convenient to take these people shopping, no law says you must. If you want to make sure a user never asks again, all you have to say is, "Great! And afterward you can take me out to lunch/dinner."

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