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by Abigail Van Buren

Women Waiting for Proposals Should Take Charge and Do the Asking

DEAR ABBY: You often publish letters from women who are upset that their boyfriends haven't proposed, sometimes after years of being together. These letters perplex me. We live in a time when women are told they can do anything, be anything. So why are they waiting for some guy to finally pop the question?

My suggestion to them: Ask him! And if he waffles or says he isn't ready to commit, you'll know there's probably no use waiting. Then find someone who recognizes you for the awesome person you are and can't wait to be with you. -- WISE WESTERNER

DEAR WESTERNER: I suspect that more women don't take the initiative because they are afraid of the response they'll receive. But you have offered wise advice. Time is precious. It shouldn't be wasted waiting for a commitment that may never come.

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