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by Abigail Van Buren

Birthday Party for Twins Poses Tricky Gift-Giving Dilemma

DEAR ABBY: Our boy-and-girl twins are celebrating another birthday soon. They will be 5 and want a joint party. They have mutual friends, as well as other, individual friends.

What's the best way to word an invitation suggesting that the boy guests bring only a gift for him, and the girl guests bring only a gift for her without sounding tacky? We don't want to overburden people who may feel obligated to bring something for each child. Frankly, they have been blessed materially, and are in need of very little. -- PERPLEXED PARTY PLANNER

DEAR PERPLEXED: Why not send separate invitations for each twin? It may save their friends' parents some confusion. And consider including "If you have questions or need further information, call me" on the invitations as well.

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