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by Abigail Van Buren

Take Time to Reach out to Homebound Family and Friends

DEAR ABBY: People in nursing homes or at home -- ill, incapacitated or retired -- still need social contacts. In our busy society, these folks are often forgotten, and it is hurtful. We will all get there someday and will fully understand how important an occasional phone call or greeting card can be. Please ask your readers to make a note on their calendar as a "reminder." If they do, someone will be very grateful for the kind gesture -- most likely the recipient -- but it may also be their family members. Kindness goes a long way. -- REMEMBERING IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

DEAR REMEMBERING: You have a caring soul. Your message is an important one, which is why I am sharing it with my readers. I know most of you are busy people, but a simple gesture can make a world of difference to those who may be isolated.

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