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by Abigail Van Buren

Boyfriend's Chronic Conditions Prompt Partner to Weigh Options

DEAR ABBY: My mom, who is well-endowed, is in the habit of using her bra as a pocket. When we go out, she puts her wallet and change purse inside her left cup and then wears a tight-fitting jersey or tank top. The outline of what she is storing is noticeable. My friends and my sisters have noticed it and ask why she doesn't use a purse like others do. She also sticks her change purse inside her bikini top at the beach, pool or at a relative's cookout.

Mom says it's a convenient and safe place for her money and valuables. On a bus trip, she also stored a camera in there. It drew a few puzzled stares from other travelers. What do you think of this? -- NOT IN THERE, PLEASE

DEAR NOT: I have it on good authority that your mother is not the only woman who uses her bra as a pocket or filing cabinet. If it works for her, and she doesn't mind people asking her why she does it, stop judging her for doing something harmless that seems efficient for her.

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