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by Abigail Van Buren

Uncle Steps in to Protect Niece From Dangerous Choices

DEAR ABBY: My teenage son and daughter confided to me that their younger cousin (15) has been posting on social media that she's hanging out with men who are five years older and taking her mother's car without her knowledge. My teens have both warned her that she's making poor choices, but she won't listen.

It doesn't help that there is no father around, and her mother doesn't know how to say "no." My teens are very concerned. As the girl's uncle, I need advice on how to intervene. -- PRIVY TO A BAD SITUATION

DEAR PRIVY: It's definitely time for some adult intervention. If you are at all close with your niece, talk with her about how dangerous what she's doing is -- not only to herself, but also the men she's been seeing because they could land in jail. While you're at it, tell her mother what you know so she can hide her car keys before her daughter gets into a serious accident and hurts herself or someone else.

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