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Girl Must Choose Between Keeping Horse and Going to College

DEAR ABBY: I've always dreamed about getting a horse, so I saved up all the money I earned as a kid and finally bought one a year ago. I named her "Springtime," and I love her. She's great. But now I am ready to venture out into the world, and I'm forced to make a decision. Do I give her to a loving home with people who have more time to spend with her, so I can go to college and move to a different state with my boyfriend, who has two years left in the Marine Corps? Or do I keep her and stay at the job I have now and keep doing what I do?

Please give me some advice because, right now, I have no one else to help me with this decision, and it's a hard one. -- KELSEA IN NEW HAMPSHIRE

DEAR KELSEA: I know it's a hard decision to make, but right now your priority must be to finish your education. Start by asking around the "horse community" if someone would be interested in buying Springtime and can give her a good home. Also put the word out at the stable where you have been boarding her. Your veterinarian may also be able to offer you helpful suggestions. However, if they can't help you, contact a horse rescue group to find a safe home for your horse. I wish you luck.

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