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by Abigail Van Buren

Husband Takes Pact to Split House Expenses to Extremes

DEAR ABBY: My son moved back home after college two years ago. He had major surgery on his leg two weeks after his graduation and a 14-month recuperation, which I helped him through. He hasn't been able to find work in his field of study. He did work for about three months, then quit.

He bought an expensive rottweiler puppy while he was working, but now he's unable to pay for the shots, food and general care of this puppy. I'm struggling financially and cannot afford to help with the expenses.

The puppy is destroying my house, pulling my sofa cushions from the sofa, gnawing on my woodwork, etc. My son is accusing me of being "materialistic and selfish." I feel he should have waited until he had his own place before he got a dog. I already have one, "Siggy," that was my son's when he was 10 years old. He no longer wants Siggy because he's old now. I love Siggy as my own, and one dog is enough for me now. Please advise. -- CARELESS IN TEXAS

DEAR CARELESS: Your son may be chronologically an adult, but he's acting like a spoiled child. Rather than call you names, he should be grateful you have supported him to the degree that you have. Start talking to him like the grown-up he is and tell him if he can't support his rottweiler, he must contact a rescue group that can find it a loving home with a responsible guardian who will ensure it receives the care it deserves. Unfortunately, your son does not qualify.

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