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by Abigail Van Buren

There's No Room in Relationship for Man's Fiancee and His Friend

DEAR ABBY: My fiance has a female friend he has known since they were 15 years old. She's always in the way, and he always makes excuses for anything she does wrong. The most frequent excuses are, "She was there when nobody else was there," or, "She's the only one who would have my back."

OK, I get it. But that was years ago, and I have constantly reminded him that I have his back now and she can step aside. But he says he's loyal to his friends, and he will never abandon her or any of them.

As much as I love my fiance and want to be his wife, I can't accept this person in our lives. Abby, I really need your advice. Should I give his ring back, or should I keep quiet and let her continue to invade our relationship? -- DEPRESSED FIANCEE IN MICHIGAN

DEAR FIANCEE: Try this. Tell your fiance that you would like the two of you to have premarital counseling to be sure you are on the same page regarding issues that "might" come up after your marriage. Couples usually have this kind of counseling to facilitate discussions about important subjects such as how their finances will be managed, whether they agree on how to raise children, etc. During one of those sessions, you should raise the subject of his old friend "who is constantly in the way" and let the counselor/mediator guide you through the discussion. And if you can't come to a mutual agreement, you should then return the ring.

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