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by Abigail Van Buren

Janitor Hopes to Strike Up Friendship With Woman at School

DEAR ABBY: I work at a school. There's this woman here I would like to know. She's 21; I'm 24. I do maintenance and janitorial work. She's a professional. I wrote her a note wishing her and her family well for the holidays. She texted me once, thanking me for the note and wishing me happy holidays, too.

I want more communication. I'm not sure if she's nervous and doesn't know what to say. She seems like an incredible person, and I'd hate to pass up the opportunity to know her better. What's your take on this? -- HER FUTURE FRIEND? IN SAN FRANCISCO

DEAR FRIEND: Because you both work at the same school there could be rules against fraternization or even sexual harassment that could put your job in jeopardy if you do what you have in mind, however innocent it may be. That's why I don't recommend it. Appreciate the opportunity to work with pleasant, wonderful, "incredible" people, but leave it at that.

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