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by Abigail Van Buren

Transgender Man Has Kept Full Story From His Parents

DEAR ABBY: I'm a transgender male who has grown up in an area where many people discourage such things. They view what I am as a sin and me as a sinful, satanic child. My parents are against anything different, including the LGBT community.

I have already gone through top surgery, but they don't know about it. What they do know is that I am bisexual. How do I tell them that I am male? -- SINFUL CHILD

DEAR "SINFUL" CHILD: Why do you want to make an announcement? You know what will happen the minute you do. If you feel you must say something, say that you have discovered your true self, which is male, and that you are happier now than you have ever been.

After you do that you will be free. You can then start building a family comprised of people who are understanding and accepting, which will be healthier for you than the one you were born into.

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