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by Abigail Van Buren

'Cute' Doesn't Cut It for Younger Sister of 'Beautiful' Girl

DEAR ABBY: I recently moved in with my older sister, and so far, things have been great. I have met all her friends, and we have hit it off quite well.

When I meet her guy friends, they always comment on how beautiful she is and how they really like her. But then they'll add a little side note about how "cute" I am. I don't like being called cute while they call her beautiful. Am I crazy to be mad over this? Should I bring it up with her or let it all blow over? -- CUTE SISTER

DEAR CUTE SISTER: There's nothing your sister can do to muzzle her male friends who probably think they're paying you a compliment. I can't see anything to be gained by bringing this to her attention because she's blameless.

Because you feel you are being damned with faint praise, being told you are cute while they describe her as beautiful, the thing to do would be to tell them "humorously" they need to work on some new material.

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