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by Abigail Van Buren

Family Draws Line at Spending Holidays With a Sex Offender

DEAR ABBY: My friend just died. I receive only Social Security disability, and I'm poor. I don't have a suit or dark dress pants, just blue jeans and T-shirts. However, I can afford a dark-colored dress shirt to wear to my friend's funeral. Is this acceptable attire for saying goodbye to my friend, or would it be better to say goodbye on my own after the funeral? I don't know his relatives, and learned of his death only today when a family member showed up to collect something I held for him. -- SAYING GOODBYE

DEAR SAYING GOODBYE: I'm sorry you lost your friend. If you would like to attend the funeral, by all means do. Funerals aren't supposed to be fashion runways, so wear whatever you feel is respectful and stop worrying about offending anyone's sensibilities. People are there to pay respects to your friend. No one should be looking at or judging you.