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by Abigail Van Buren

Family Draws Line at Spending Holidays With a Sex Offender

DEAR ABBY: I have a nephew who is a Level III sex offender. My mom wants him at her house for the holidays, but none of the other family members plan to attend with their kids if he's there.

Mom insists we should forgive him and can't understand how people can't forgive him for molesting children in his family. I don't understand how my mom thinks it should be easy for us to forgive, but I feel bad for what she's going through. She feels like her family is being torn apart. How can I help her understand that I see both sides of it? What should I do? -- TORN APART

DEAR TORN: Go online and print out the definition of a Level III or Tier III sex offender so your mother can read it. These individuals are considered the most dangerous and most likely to reoffend. While at some point your relatives may be able to forgive your nephew for what he did, to ignore it could be dangerous for their children. Although you didn't mention the conditions under which he is out of prison, he may no longer be allowed to be in the presence of minors, because if he's caught, he might have to go back in.

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