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by Abigail Van Buren

Moviegoer Boots Squatter out of Her Seat

DEAR ABBY: I enjoy going to movies, especially to the theater in town where I can reserve my seat ahead of time. I recently reserved my seat two days in advance to a movie I had been wanting to see. When I arrived at the theater, a woman was sitting in my seat. I politely pointed out to her that she was in my seat, and she glared at me and said rudely, "Really?"

Granted, the row was empty at the time, but it was still early. I knew more people would show up, and I didn't want to take someone else's seat. So I replied, "Yes, really. I reserved this seat days ago." Was I right asking her to move? More people did show up, and the theater was full. -- MY SEAT IN NEW MEXICO

DEAR MY SEAT: Yes, you were right. And if the woman had refused to move, you should have asked an usher to "clarify" your seat assignment for her and ensure she complied.

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