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by Abigail Van Buren

Computer Tech's Filthy Fingernails Turn Customer's Stomach

DEAR ABBY: Yesterday, I took my computer to an electronics store to be fixed. The tech who helped me had a ton of dirt under his nails. I was grossed out seeing him with those filthy nails type on my computer keys. Should I have said something to him or his supervisor? How can they allow someone with his hygiene problem to be in a position that requires contact with the public? -- GROSSED OUT IN OHIO

DEAR GROSSED OUT: A quiet word with the supervisor would have been the way to handle it. And while you were at the store, you could have asked for sanitary wipes to clean your keyboard. (They probably had some behind the counter.) Using a soft tissue dipped in alcohol once you returned home would also kill germs, as long as you're careful the tissue isn't so saturated that liquid drips beneath the keys.

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