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by Abigail Van Buren

Golf Tournament Winners Have Trouble Keeping Score

DEAR ABBY: I belong to a women's golfing group. The mission of the club is to play golf and have fun. We have tournaments, prizes, and awards are given for the best scores.

The problem: Several of the ladies are "allergic" to counting their scores correctly. We have given them counting beads to help them "remember" their score. They have played with board members who asked them to count their scores out loud each time they hit the ball and to state their scores after the last putt. There have also been conversations with the golf pro about the importance of keeping accurate scores. Yet, the inaccurate counting persists and denial reigns. Members are upset because these ladies often "win" tournaments. What to do? -- PROUD OF MY HIGH HANDICAP

DEAR PROUD: You might be able to curb the cheating if you suggest club members swap scorecards and keep score for each other. However, if that doesn't do the trick, stop playing with those who cheat.

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