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by Abigail Van Buren

Youngest Sibling Gets No Respect

DEAR ABBY: I am the youngest of four children. Every Sunday, our family gets together for Sunday dinner, a tradition I have loved since I was a kid, although lately, I have grown less fond of Sundays. Here is why: I am now 30 and the tallest sibling in my family, yet I am made to feel as though I am the smallest.

No one listens to me; no one asks my advice. I could be at the table with my finger up my nose and I don't think anyone would even notice. I say things and no one acknowledges me. Sometimes I feel as though I don't even exist. It's as if because I'm the youngest, I have no importance. What can I do to change this? -- PATIENCE RUNNING THIN

DEAR PATIENCE: Allow me to suggest that at the next Sunday dinner you speak up loud and clear and say exactly that. And if nothing changes, make other plans for Sunday.

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