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Fifth-Grader Studies Ahead for Day When She'll Start Dating

DEAR ABBY: I'm a fifth-grader, and I'd like to know something important to girls my age. I want to know how to get a guy to be my boyfriend and the steps to getting him. It's hard for me to get a boyfriend.

I know what you're going to say -- I'm too young for boys. But if I am, I would like this information for future reference. I have tried other things. Nothing worked, and basically, you're my last hope. -- PLANNING AHEAD IN BAY CITY, TEXAS

DEAR PLANNING AHEAD: OK, let's review the basics. Are you neat and clean in your appearance? Are you fun to be around and liked by your classmates of both genders? Do you smile and say hello and show an interest?

Basically, the qualities that attract other girls are the same ones that will make boys pay attention. But there's an important point to keep in mind, and it's that while you may be developing an interest in boys, many of them may not be mature enough to have developed an interest in girls yet, so be patient. Focus on your studies, become involved in activities you enjoy, and things will happen naturally.

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