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Trust Issues Linger for Victim of Teenage Rape

DEAR ABBY: I was raped when I was 13. My uncle was the person who took me to the home of his friend who raped me. After that, my uncle started molesting me. Instead of believing me, my parents believed my uncle's lies. They blamed and abandoned me afterward. I had to learn about life the hard way.

My dad is dead now, and I don't associate with my mom or anyone on her side of the family. I always mess up any relationship I have. I love the guy I have been seeing for three years, but I'm still doing the same things that ruined my last relationships. I have a huge problem with trust, even with this new guy. How do I stop acting like this? -- NEEDS HELP IN FLORIDA

DEAR NEEDS HELP: Considering your history, your trust issues are a normal reaction to what was done to you by your family. That your parents would believe your abuser instead of you when you told them you had been assaulted is appalling.

If there is a rape treatment center near where you live, reach out to it for help. If there isn't, and you can't afford private counseling, contact the county department of mental health and ask to talk to a licensed psychotherapist.

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