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Despite Promise to Stop, Man Resumes Watching Pornography

DEAR ABBY: Can you tell me why men watch porn? My husband watches porn on the computer at all hours of the night. When I found out about it six months ago, he promised he would stop doing it, but I just realized that he still goes online and watches it when I'm asleep at night and early in the morning.

Our sex life has diminished to almost nothing. I considered blocking the site on his computer, but is that a good idea? Please help me. How can I compete with this? -- FEELING DISRESPECTED

DEAR FEELING: Men watch porn because they are turned on by the visual. You have a right to a sex life, but meddling with your husband's computer won't fix your problem. Because your marital needs are not being met, frame your conversation with him that way. He may be addicted to online porn and unable to stop watching without a professional intervention.

P.S. Please stop comparing yourself with what your husband is viewing on screen, because what he is seeing isn't real. It's show business. And it's about as authentic as "Guardians of the Galaxy."

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