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Teen Faces Starting High School Without Her Best Friend

DEAR ABBY: Hi. I have a problem. My best friend is moving away to a different state this summer. School is ending soon. She is my only friend, and I'm currently dating her brother. He's the only boy I like, and she is my only friend. I don't know what to do.

I'll be in ninth grade in a couple of months, which means I'll have to start high school without a best friend or a boyfriend. What should I do? I'll be all alone. -- SAVANNAH IN COLORADO

DEAR SAVANNAH: Not quite! A lot of changes occur when students leave the lower grades and start high school. Even established friendships can change. When school begins, many of your classmates will be in exactly the same position as you. If you are friendly, I'm sure you'll find others who will be open to being friendly to you.

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