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Name-Calling Mom Attempts to Disrupt Son's Marriage

DEAR ABBY: I have been married to "Amanda" for four years. During that time, my parents, especially my mother, have called her and her family "trashy" because they live in a rural area in Texas.

My mother has no reason to abuse my wife the way she does. Amanda's family has always been very kind to me. What really gets me is that my mother also grew up in a rural area. My mother has said repeatedly that if I don't get a divorce, things will never get any better between her and me. -- ABUSE IN TEXAS

DEAR ABUSE: When a man marries, he is expected to separate from his family and form a new family with his wife. You must not allow your mother to belittle and abuse Amanda, who must now come first. Because your mother has no intention of changing, it's time to get a divorce -- from her. If you don't, she will not only make your life miserable, but also your wife's. (Happy wife, happy life!)

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