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Wife Delays Telling Husband She's Unexpectedly Expecting

DEAR ABBY: I have been married for seven years, and my husband and I have had our ups and downs. He never thought he would have kids until he met me, and now we have two. After our second child, we agreed that we were done having children. I was OK with it because it seemed after each child our relationship became strained.

Recently we reached the point of deciding whether we would either separate or work harder on our marriage. We decided to stick it out. The problem is, while we were in the process of getting back together, I became pregnant again. I'm afraid to tell him because I know how stressed he gets. I'm afraid it will be too much for him, and he will cut himself off emotionally from me and the kids.

This wasn't planned. We were using protection, but getting an abortion is something I could never do. I know this child will make things more difficult, but this child is a part of me and the man I love. How do I tell my husband I am pregnant in a way that may make the news easier to take? -- AT A LOSS FOR WORDS

DEAR AT A LOSS: You should have told your husband about this the day you thought you "might" be pregnant. You can announce the news by telling him that this baby is a symbol of your love and reconciliation, but whether he will accept this explanation is questionable. You already know the news will not be warmly received, so get it over with before your pregnancy starts to show.

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