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European Vacation Plans Are Tripped Up by Broken Ankle

DEAR ABBY: I had planned a trip to Europe with my friend "Elizabeth," a friend of hers and Elizabeth's daughter. The plan was I would share rooms with Elizabeth. We paid for the hotels in advance.

Shortly before our scheduled departure I fell, broke my ankle and couldn't go. We tried unsuccessfully to obtain some kind of refunds, and travel insurance paid only if the accident happened while we were actually traveling.

I was out $2,000. Elizabeth's friend offered me $500. Elizabeth, feeling some obligation, also offered me $500. I feel guilty taking Elizabeth's money because she paid for herself and her daughter. I think the other woman should give me at least half -- not just $500 -- because she derived 100 percent of the benefit. Also, she has never reached out to me directly at all.

No money has been received at this point. Should I just write it off? Or am I wrong to expect some of the money back? -- MONEY WOES IN THE EAST

DEAR MONEY WOES: Yes, you are wrong. Nobody owes you anything. Accidents happen, but the broken ankle was your bad luck. It was generous of Elizabeth and her friend to offer you any money at all. My advice is to accept it graciously, write the rest off, and stop looking for someone to be mad at.

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