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by Abigail Van Buren

Man Takes Private Affairs Public on Facebook

DEAR ABBY: I am a Korean lady whose husband spends a lot of time on Facebook. He says it's to promote his books. (He loves to write.) I think he does it to get recognition from his Facebook "friends."

Well, that may be great for him. But my problem with him -- and Facebook -- is that sometimes he provides too much information about me. None of it is positive.

We had a fight two weeks ago, and the next thing I knew, I was reading about it on Facebook, all from his point of view. Before that, he complained he only got a bowl of cereal for breakfast when he would have liked a hot meal instead. Excuse me, but what's stopping him from making one for himself when I have to drop off the kids at school and go to work?

I feel hurt after reading what he's posting and ashamed for not being a "good enough" spouse. Am I overly sensitive or should I confront him about this? I could use some wise advice. -- EMBARRASSED IN KOREA

DEAR EMBARRASSED: By all means talk to your husband about what he's been doing, because if he has complaints, they should be directed to you rather than his Facebook buddies. If you feel compelled to defend yourself, you can always reply to his posts to set the record straight. If he continues to publicly discuss what should be a private matter, you might be less embarrassed if you read his posts less often or unfriend him altogether.

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