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Graduate Student With Disability Faces Uphill Climb in the Business World

DEAR ABBY: I have my college degree and will be heading to graduate school next year. I suffer from ADHD, for which I cannot take medication. ADHD affects many aspects of my life, especially in a professional setting. It makes it difficult for me to do basic things, such as show up to work on time, remember appointments and plan and prioritize tasks.

I'm working with my psychologist on strategies to help me better manage daily life. But in the meantime, how can I communicate to my professors and employers that my troubles with "basic professionalism" stem from an actual diagnosed disability, and not laziness or lack of effort? -- GRAD SCHOOL-BOUND

DEAR GRAD SCHOOL-BOUND: Ask your psychologist to provide you with a letter stating your diagnosis that you can show your professors and employers. If you have written proof that you suffer from a diagnosed disability, they may be willing to work with you rather than be judgmental.

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