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Golfer Shares Post-Round Drinks, but Not the Bill

DEAR ABBY: I belong to a group of men who play golf twice a week. After a round of golf, we'll have a couple of pitchers of beer to relax. We take turns buying the beer for the group, but there is no set rotation. Sometimes you may buy two pitchers, others you don't buy any.

One member of the group drinks the beer but never buys, even when it's obvious that he hasn't after many opportunities. Several of us are upset by his selfishness, and we have made comments to him about it. They roll off him like water off a duck's back. How do you think we should handle this selfish individual? -- STEP UP TO THE BAR IN TEXAS

DEAR STEP UP: Try this. Hand him the bill and say, "It's your turn!" But if that doesn't work, next time make it each man for himself and switch to bottles or glasses.

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