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Postcard Club Reaches out to Friends Next Door and Around the World

DEAR ABBY: We are members of a postcard club living in a nursing home in Ontario, Canada. We reach out to other nursing homes all over the world, sending them homemade postcards. We have made connections with neighboring communities and across the globe. We have also sent cards to the queen and our former prime minister -- and received letters from both in return!

We have a group here who gather together to read Dear Abby letters. We then give our opinion/response, and finish by reading your actual reply. We get a huge kick out of comparing our answers and advice to yours. It's a beloved program here at our residence and has been for years. Just thought you'd like to know. -- HAPPY OLDIES IN CANADA

DEAR HAPPY OLDIES: You thought correctly, and thank you for writing to let me know. The original artwork on your postcard is charming, and it's easy to see why you have made friends worldwide. With every effort you make, you are spreading good will.

The concept of a Dear Abby discussion group has resonated for many years in places where people gather to make interesting conversation -- from the water cooler to senior centers. I hope you will continue to enjoy participating for many years to come.

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