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Unhappily Married In-Laws Find Solace in Each Other

DEAR ABBY: My husband of 17 years has been cheating on me and is continuing to cheat. His older sister also cheated on her husband for many years with multiple men, so cheating must run in their DNA.

Because of our unhappy marriages, my brother-in-law and I began talking, sharing our pain and regret about marrying the wrong people. Because of our conversations we became friends and soulmates. We both have deep wounds no one else understands. Ultimately, we became physically attracted to each other.

Is it wrong that we are falling in love? Both of us want to be legitimately together, but at the same time we are afraid family around us will reject us. -- CHEATING FAMILY

DEAR CHEATING FAMILY: Why would the family around you reject you? What has happened is understandable. Surely the family is aware that both your spouses have cheated for years. I would, however, caution that it would be better for you two to avoid acting on your physical attraction until after you have both filed for divorce -- not only to protect each other's reputations but also because cheating does not run in your DNA.

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