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Houseguest Makes Herself at Home by Entertaining Friends

DEAR ABBY: My sister-in-law visits from out of state each year and stays with us for about a week. When she's here she invites her friends to our house and entertains them without asking us if we mind. I feel it's extremely rude, but my husband says we need to "put up and shut up" because she's family. I feel she could easily go to their homes to visit instead of inviting everyone here.

Is my husband correct? Am I wrong thinking she's being inappropriate as a houseguest? -- CONFUSED HOST IN THE EAST

DEAR CONFUSED: As your houseguest, your sister-in-law should have been asking you and your husband whether you minded having her friends over during her visit. She should also have bought food and beverages to accommodate them, and a house gift for the two of you. However, because she has been getting away with it for years, do not expect her to change. The time to have spoken up was the first time she did it.

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