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After Wife Loses a Lung to Cancer, Man Still Won't Quit Smoking

DEAR ABBY: I was diagnosed with lung cancer last year. After months of chemo, I had surgery and my lung was removed. Fifteen months after my diagnosis, my husband is still smoking cigarettes.

I feel so hurt and alone going through this. I thought he would have stopped smoking for his own health as well as moral support to me. He says I don't have the right to change him and quitting is too hard, even though he refuses to get help to stop.

Am I being overly sensitive to think he should stop smoking? I don't think he is being fair to our children because of the potential of them having to watch another parent receive the same diagnosis. -- NEEDS MORAL SUPPORT

DEAR NEEDS: You are not "overly sensitive." People have been known to get cancer from secondhand smoke. Face it, you are married to an addict. Not only is he being unfair to the children, he is being unfair to you and himself. Because he's unwilling to even try to quit, my advice is to insist that he do it outside and away from you.

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