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by Abigail Van Buren

For Men Working on Trucks, Garage Becomes a Man Cave

DEAR ABBY: During our many years of married life, we have lived in six neighborhoods. In two of them, there was a married couple comprised of a housewife and what I would call a "garaged husband." These husbands spent all their spare time working and puttering in their garages. One of them worked on his motorcycle and truck; the other rebuilt an antique truck from the ground up. Both created excessive noise with their projects.

One of the men eventually moved his bed into the garage and, not surprisingly, the marriage ended in divorce. The second man spends more time with his youngest son (who also stays in the garage most of the time) than with his wife.

Have your other readers made similar observations? Is this a version of the "man cave" syndrome where men like to hang out? -- ANOTHER HUSBAND IN OREGON

DEAR HUSBAND: I will leave your question open to readers, but I think variations of "garaged husbands" might be ones who render their spouses "sports widows."

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