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by Abigail Van Buren

Daughter Hopes to Lure Mom Away From Small-Town Life

DEAR ABBY: My 62-year-old mother is living in a small town with little to offer her. She says the only reason she stays is because her job provides benefits and she's currently going through physical therapy.

Mom is single, has no potential prospects and no social life outside of church. Her friends are all married or have moved away. I feel like she's not living her life fully, and I wish she could find the courage to leave. How can I convince her to be OK with the unknown and move to the big city? -- CITY GAL IN SAN FRANCISCO

DEAR CITY GAL: Does your mother plan to be receiving physical therapy in perpetuity? If not, be patient. Wait until it is finished and find out whether her job offers vacation time. If it does, invite her to visit and show her what the big city has to offer.

If she can't get away, you may have to "entice" her by sending her videos of all the fun things she could be doing if she lived closer. I can't guarantee it will work because it's possible she's happy with her life the way it is. However, if she's not, it might be an effective way to whet her appetite.

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