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Couple's Spare Bedroom Is No Longer Open for Guests

DEAR ABBY: We are a married couple in our 60s and have no close family. Before retirement, we would playfully tease each other that when we retired, we'd turn our spare bedroom into a "fun fantasy adult room." Fast forward -- we now have our special room, and we're having a blast.

Well, we got a call from distant relatives who will be heading our way, and they asked to stay with us for a few days. How do we explain that we have no room for them without causing problems? -- DISCREET IN WASHINGTON

DEAR DISCREET: Be honest -- to a degree. After telling them that you are unable to accommodate them, explain that because you have turned the spare bedroom into an "entertainment center," it is no longer set up for guests, but you'd love to see them while they're in town and take them OUT for dinner. Just remember that if you are asked, you do not have to reveal what kind of games you are playing in there.

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