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by Abigail Van Buren

Parents in a Hurry Cut Corners on Kids' Safety

DEAR ABBY: I often see parents "help" their elementary school-age kids violate safety laws. For example, if they are running late, they'll hurry their kids across an intersection against the flashing red hand signal, or jaywalk across the middle of a busy street instead of going to the corner. This saves them about two minutes.

I also see parents watch their kids playing on their skateboards right under a sign that says "No skateboards." These kids are old enough to read and understand the signs and signals.

Sometimes I call out to the parent, "Nice job teaching your kids how to get away with something!" or, "I hope your kids remind you about this when they are teenagers and want to do something stupid!" The parents always ignore me. Can you suggest a better comment I can yell out? -- DON IN CALIFORNIA

DEAR DON: What you are witnessing is regrettable. However, my advice is to keep your mouth shut, because you're not going to teach parents like the ones you have described anything with a shout-out.

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