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High School Fundraiser Teaches Lesson in Capitalism

DEAR ABBY: I work at an urban high school. Recently there was a campus-wide fundraising campaign during which one of the teachers sold brownies. A student bought all of them for $1 each, then resold them at lunch for $2 apiece for his own profit. My co-workers insist this was wrong, while I feel it was representative of an enterprising spirit.

My co-workers say it was immoral to make money off a fundraising event. I maintain that the charity was already paid for the brownies, and what he did with them after he bought them is immaterial. What do you think? -- WONDERING IN PENNSYLVANIA

DEAR WONDERING: Having purchased the brownies, the student could dispose of them as he wished. If other students were willing to spend $2 for $1 brownies, well -- that's capitalism. Perhaps next year the teacher who sold the brownies should raise her rates.

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