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by Abigail Van Buren

Girl Is Ready for On-Again Off-Again Boy to Be Off Again

DEAR ABBY: I've been on and off again with this boy for about a year now, and he is socially awkward whereas I am not. He is extremely funny and loyal.

I'm 13 and I think he wants to move to the next level of our relationship, and I'm not ready for that. He talks a lot of crap about my friends, too. I feel like I need a break from him. How do I let him know how I feel without sounding rude? -- TEEN IN ALBERTA, CANADA

DEAR TEEN: Be clear in your messages to him. Tell him you don't like the way he talks about your friends, and you don't want to hear him do it again. If he pushes you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, tell him NO and that he should stop immediately. It is not rude to create boundaries for yourself; in fact, it is healthy. It is more important to be forthright than to be polite.

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