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Grandma Doesn't Let Would-be Cupcake Thief Off the Hook

DEAR ABBY: I am raising two of my grandchildren because their parents can't take care of them. The kids are still learning acceptable behavior because they were never taught.

I'll give you an example of something that happens often: I was paying for an item at a store and my granddaughter sneaked behind the counter and reached into the display case. Cupcakes were involved. The saleslady asked her to stop. I immediately got ahold of my wayward offender, glued her to my side until I was finished and then made her apologize.

The problem was, the saleslady immediately said, "Oh, it's OK." I then had to ask the saleslady to please not tell my granddaughter that it was OK, but instead to accept my granddaughter's apology, because my granddaughter really would think it was OK. Your thoughts? -- RAISING GRANDKIDS

DEAR RAISING: I think the salesperson was simply being polite and professional, and that those children are lucky to have such a caring grandmother watching out for them.

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