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by Abigail Van Buren

Hard-Working Sister Balks at Supporting Lazy Brothers

DEAR ABBY: I just got married to a beautiful woman. She's tall and elegant. The problem is, she's addicted to taking pictures of herself. She takes at least 100 of them a day.

When we're driving, she's busy taking selfies. When we go out, she asks me to take pictures of her. If I tell her I don't want to take more pictures, she pleads with me to take "just one more," which really means five.

When we are out to dinner and I get up to go to the restroom, she asks total strangers to take her picture. When we were on vacation and we went to the pool, she wore full makeup for two reasons, she said: (1) She's not putting her head under water, and (2) she wants some pictures taken of her.

I have told her many times how much this annoys me, but she says I am preventing her from what she enjoys. What can I do to help her? -- TOO MANY PHOTO OPS

DEAR TOO MANY PHOTO OPS: You have married a beautiful (tall, elegant) piece of arm candy. Because you did not mention even one other positive quality about her, I assume this is what you wanted. Her vanity/insecurity about her looks is the "accessory" that goes with your trophy.

It will take effort on your part to help her recognize that what she has to offer beneath the surface is at least as important as her looks. (It may also take the services of a psychologist, if she's willing.)

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