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by Abigail Van Buren

Wife's Weight Loss Draws Looks From Wrong Direction

DEAR ABBY: I'm 39 and have been married for nine years. Three years into our marriage I got sick and lost a lot of weight. I now turn heads everywhere I go. All except the head I want to turn -- my husband's.

He drives a truck and all he does is talk to and sext larger, unattractive older women. He has gone to counseling and 12-step meetings, and I've told him to get out numerous times. Nothing has helped.

I'm now getting to the point that I feel I can work again. Is it wrong for me to be making an exit plan for when my son from a previous marriage turns 18? -- TURNS THE WRONG HEADS

DEAR TURNS: If I told you it was wrong, would you stop doing it and remain in an unhappy marriage? I doubt it. If your husband is attracted to other women and acting on it, you should absolutely prepare yourself for the day you declare your independence. It's far more sensible than being unprepared.

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