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by Abigail Van Buren

Teen Misses the Best Friend She Had in Kindergarten

DEAR ABBY: I used to be best friends with this girl I met in kindergarten. Over the years we became like sisters and did everything together. We played Barbies, went on adventures, shopping, saw movies and had sleepovers. As we grew older, we began trusting each other with our lives. I could tell her anything and everything, and I was there for her whenever she needed support or a shoulder to cry on.

However, now that we are older, we have slowly noticed small differences in our lives. She became focused on her studies and art. I joined the cheerleading squad and became interested in meeting new people. Our lives have diverged, and now it's like we have become complete strangers.

I want our friendship to go back to the way it was. What can I say or do to show her I miss the old her? -- CONFUSED EX-FRIEND

DEAR CONFUSED: As people mature, it is not uncommon for their interests to diverge. This is normal, and it may be what has happened with you and your longtime friend. If you miss the closeness you once had, tell her so. But do not expect it to magically return your relationship to what it was.

You are both sharing another adventure now -- exploring the interests and relationships you are developing as adults. It's possible that in the future your paths will converge again. When people are true friends, their ability to communicate on a meaningful level can last forever despite intervals when they are not in contact.

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