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by Abigail Van Buren

Is Offering Leftover Pizza to Strangers Generous or Insulting?

DEAR ABBY: My friend Bryan and I were at a sports bar watching a football game. We had ordered a large pizza, but had time for only one slice before we had to leave. I wanted to offer the remaining pizza to a group of college-age students sitting at a nearby table. Bryan was horrified and insisted we just leave. He said to offer the pizza would be insulting.

When I pointed out that another couple had once given us a half-filled bottle of champagne (they were heading to the theater), we accepted and appreciated it. He said that was different. What do you think? -- TRYING TO BE NICE IN L.A.

DEAR TRYING TO BE NICE: I think you're a nicer person than your friend Bryan. If the crowd at the next table was insulted, they could have refused your generous offer. Bryan may have nixed the idea because he didn't think of it first.

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