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Friends Borrow Husband's Equipment With Attitude of Entitlement

DEAR ABBY: My husband has purchased different pieces of equipment over the years. He recently bought a small tractor that he's very proud of and enjoys using around our property. He also has purchased a large trailer that he often uses to haul his equipment and other things.

His problem is friends who seem to think they can help themselves to his stuff. They actually have the audacity to say, "I may borrow your tractor, trailer, etc., tomorrow." I find this to be rude in that they are not asking -- they are telling him they will.

I told him to say he doesn't loan his equipment out, but he can't seem to be able to say that. Do you have a good comeback that he could use without offending his friends? -- FRAZZLED WIFE

DEAR FRAZZLED: You, not your husband, appear to be the person with the problem. Nowhere in your letter did you mention that HE thinks he has one. If he resents what these friends are doing, a solution might be for him to tell them to talk to YOU about borrowing the equipment, so you can refuse for him.

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