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Man With Loving Nature Lacks High Libido

DEAR ABBY: My fiance and I have a loving relationship. He is affectionate -- hugging, kissing, etc. But he doesn't have a high libido, which I am concerned about because he's only 26.

He has confessed to me he's had relations with men in the past, and I'm thinking he may be bisexual. While that does not concern me whatsoever (after all, it's one thing to be attracted to someone and another thing entirely to cheat), I worry that he thinks he couldn't share this with me, and that it may lead to lies. I am also worried that if I confront him with this, he may be offended or think I think less of him. What should I do? -- LOVING RELATIONSHIP IN MICHIGAN

DEAR LOVING: You and your fiance are overdue for a frank talk. He has told you that he has had more than one same-sex relationship, so it's fair to consider him to be bisexual. That he didn't use that word doesn't mean he was dishonest. We communicate with our actions as well as verbally.

That you have continued your relationship after learning about his sexual history should indicate to him that you don't think less of him. As to the strength of his libido, no two individuals are alike. If he is able to provide you with what you need, I don't think you need to be concerned. If not -- as I said before, you have to talk with him about it.

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